Way back when the Beatles were getting popular, they used to joke about “writing themselves a swimming pool.”  This joke was a nod to Paul McCartney’s big goal of having a swimming pool in his home.  They would often use this phrase to motivate themselves to keep writing and performing.  In Bradley’s recent solo episode of The Bottom Line, he talks about how big goals can be turned into motivation for your business.

How To Create Motivating Goals

You may think that goals are motivating all by themselves.  Unfortunately, most business owners are quick to dream up a new idea, and just as quick to move on from it.  When you have a big, audacious goal, you need to keep it top of mind.  Some great ways to do this include creating a Pinterest board, printing out some images and making a physical vision board, keeping the goal on your desktop or screensaver, and using post it notes as reminders in your working or living space.  The important part about having a goal that motivates your business is keeping the goal in front of you!

What Is The Goal That Will Motivate YOUR Business?

What big thing will keep you motivated during the tough times in business?  Is it a literal swimming pool?  Maybe it’s a big vacation or even a community project.  Whatever it is, keep it in front of you!  Now, go write yourself a swimming pool.

More Resources To Keep You Motivated