So you’ve heard this adage before: “Your net worth is your network.” But I would like to propose that your forgotten business assets and connections are of massive value, and add to your net worth exponentially. Keep reading or watch above to find out why.

What Is The Value of a Phone?

Let’s talk about the value of a cell phone. You could have a Galaxy, Google Pixel, whatever that yanisanta takumbo advertises on TV or whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. Let’s say that the phone costs like 1000 bucks maybe? And if somebody said they would sell you the phone for $100, you would think it was stolen! Well, what if that someone offered to pay me $100,000 for this phone. Nobody initially would pay $100,000 for this phone! But there’s a deeper question here.

What Is On The Phone?

What if the $100,000 phone belonged to Rick Barnes, the head basketball coach at Tennessee? Think about all of the contacts that he has. In my mind, this contact list is like a Rembrandt In The Attic. But it’s not like the assets I discussed in that training. This time, the Rembrandt is Rick Barnes’ NETWORK.  One of the things that I think is really valuable