When you think about who is on your team, you’ll begin to see how well your business can do. In this episode, Bradley discusses who is on your team and the true definition of an A-Player.

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Who Is On Your Team?

Many of you have different roles, from assistants and marketing to sales acquisition and account management. Each role will have very different definitions of A-Players, so it is important to take time with these definitions. Bradley shares how to do this for your business.  Let’s take the roles of Sales Acquisition and AccountManager as an example. Those two roles likely have very different definitions of an A-Player, but defining both roles is so important.

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How Many Problems Could Cease to Exist?

Think about how many problems would cease to exist if you had only A-Players on your team.  For some of you, it would be most or all of them!  College sports teams have standards that are required for each team member to meet.  The Alabama team is known for really high standards, and it’s for good reason.  Those A-Players fit into a certain culture and have specific skills that all go towards building a strong team,