During a conversation with a business owner, I realized the question that she needed to be asking was “Do I need to know what to do or do I need to know how to execute to solve this problem.” Here’s what I told her…

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The Clarity Conversation

I speak with business owners all the time who are looking to grow their business, develop their teams, and essentially hit the goals they have. In a recent conversation, one owner told me that she knows what she needs to do, but she isn’t sure how to go about doing it. As I thought about this mindset, I realized that there was a stark difference between the what and the how of things.

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What Or How?

Every business will hit plateaus, no matter what size it is.  These plateaus are points where you feel stuck. If you don’t know what to do in order to push past this, then you should be looking for systems and strategies as well as guidance on which ones will work for your business.  In contrast, if you know what but you don’t know how, then you are looking for the step by step details and nuances of execution.  When you think about it this way, you realized that these two solutions are very different. Today, look at a problem in your business and ask yourself, do I need to know what or how?