Recently, I saw a thought post from Brian Luebben in a podcasting group that drove this point home: What it actually takes is greater than what you think it will take.  I’m breaking it down in this training.

man smiling at cell phone

Brian’s Big Payoff

Brian shared that he built a podcast audience of 50k people per month. His goal is to reach 1M a month in 2024.  He built the audience through creating over 250 hours of content, 271 Facebook posts, 750 pieces of content, and being a guest on 46 other podcasts.  This is a tremendous amount of work, including time invested, editing, and promoting.  However, look at the payoff.  50 THOUSAND listeners every month.

Is It Worth It?

If you have a podcast, you know how impressive this is.  But did you know it took this much work?  Probably not. Would you invest the time and sweat equity to do the same?