I recently listened to a podcast episode with Elon Musk, and it sparked a question in my mind.  What would I ask Elon Musk?  You might want to know about Mars, his life in the universe, his story, or some other part of his very unique experience.  But let’s narrow it down.  What specifically would you ask him about business?

My Number One Question for Elon

Because Elon is a billionaire, there would be questions I wouldn’t even think to ask.  In fact, those questions would likely fall woefully short of what I should ask.  So here’s what I would ask him: “What questions should I be asking you?”

This would include the things that I can’t even see or comprehend to ask.  I would think to ask about culture, building great teams, planning a vision, and everything we teach in Blueprint.  However, the realization I had was that I didn’t even know what to ask. 

What This Means For Your Business

So how does that apply practically to my and your business and journey?  We obviously don’t know Elon Musk to even ask a question.  However, some of you have connections to someone who is incredibly wealthy.  Whether through your town, church, small group, or family, there has to be someone who has been very successful.  I recommend you take them to coffee or lunch and simply ask them, “What don’t I see?”  Invite them to share with you what they would tell themselves ten years ago.  Maybe those would be pitfalls or blind spots.  After all, if we can avoid paying the “stupid tax,” this is more powerful than hitting a grand slam every time you act in business.