If we could ask any business owner 1 question, we would ask them “What are your priorities?” In this quick training, Bradley is breaking down why this is so important!

multiple of the same car parked one behind another

Do You Repeat The Same Year…Every Year?

Many business owners never take the time to decide where they want to go.  Readers of our blog usually don’t fall into this category on a broad scale, but I would like to challenge you to dig deeper.  When I ask, “What are your priorities?” what I mean is “What are your goals?”  You need to have clear goals for each area of your business and for each of your employees.  For example, in your business, you may have revenue goals like selling more, increasing top line revenue, and bringing in more bottom line profit.  You may have goals for yourself, such as working fewer hours or making your business more independent so you can pursue other businesses.  Or, you might be seeking to have a more engaged workplace culture that has a positive community impact.  Most of the owners in our community want all of this and more!  So these would be priorities and goals, but you can’t stop here.