Today, a podcast episode with Craig Groeschel got me thinking about Tiny Habits.  I know many of you listen to his leadership podcast, and he is just an incredible leader himself. He is a man of faith, an unbelievable leader, and author. He recently just came out with the book, The Power To Change.


I like to use these trainings as spotlights to point out tools, skills, and resources that business owners will find most helpful. There’s a lot of times that I’ll hear something, I’ll read something, I’ll listen to something, and then it may spur a train of thought.

What Helped Me Think About Tiny Habits

There’s a few books that I’m also referencing for this concept. Tiny Habits written by BJ Fogg is fantastic. I think the seminal book now is Atomic Habits by James Clear. Others include The Power of Habit is written by Charles Duhigg and High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. And then the most recent one that I