In this training, you’ll discover the power of the ‘Someday Shelf’—a strategic vault for your new business ideas, ensuring they’re nurtured and unleashed at the perfect moment for maximum success.

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The Value of a Someday Shelf

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, ideas spark at every turn. Yet, the chaos of daily operations causes these innovations to quickly fade into obscurity. Enter the concept of a “Someday Shelf”—a dedicated space where business owners can preserve and nurture their fledgling ideas until the perfect moment for execution. Instead of trying to implement everything at once, or forgetting everything a week later, you now have a place for everything.

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The Someday Shelf is a Moneymaking Vault

The value of having a singular, organized repository for ideas cannot be overstated. It’s like having a vault of creativity and untapped moneymaking potential. It can be a place where every fleeting concept, no matter how small, finds a home. By centralizing these ideas in one platform, business owners can prevent them from getting lost in the noise of emails, post-it notes, or scattered documents. I like to use a Notion page for my Someday Shelf. Notion’s flexible structure allows for customizable databases, making it ideal for creating a dedicated space—your ‘Someday Shelf’—to house these ideas.