How many times has someone found a technique that works for them, and they encouraged you to do it? I don’t subscribe to everyone needing the same technique in business, aka “The Bathrobe Theory of Business,” and here’s why.

bathrobe in a hotel

Is Your Business One Size Fits All?

If you’ve ever been to a hotel with a bathrobe, you know it’s “one size fits all.” Whether you’re 5 ft. tall and 100 lbs. or 6 ft. tall and 250 lbs., you’re getting the same size robe. While that is usually ok for a robe, the principle of one thing working for all definitely doesn’t translate into business.  This may sound logical, but let me share what I’ve learned from years of business ownership and business coaching.

woman giving business advice

“You Should Try It!”

If you speak with someone who is excited about how they’re doing business, they will probably suggest you follow their lead. In theory, it makes sense. If you do the same things, you’ll get the same results, right? This theory propels many large business coaching programs forward.  For example, I was certified to train other business owners in Gino Wickmam’s EOS Operating System. They want everyone to train a “pure” model, meaning that it is exactly the same for everyone.  While this system, and others like Scaling Up by Vern Harnish and The Impact Filter from Dan Sullivan are geared toward large corporations. And the principles are good, but they may not always apply to smaller businesses doing less than $1M.