Finding, developing, and retaining true A-players on your team is going to make all the difference in your business. Here’s what Starbucks taught me.

two coffees in starbucks store

I Love Starbucks.

I love coffee and spend an obscene amount of money going to Starbucks. I love to get an Americano or cold brew every day. There are three Starbucks within 10 minute of my home.  I always went to the one in the middle of town because they had an amazing staff that knew my name and order.  They did this for everyone!  But what does my love for coffee have to do with you?

woman in starbucks

Management Makes The Difference

The environment that my favorite Starbucks curated was a great atmosphere that attracted many people for meetings, Bible study, and more.  But then, the managers moved to one of the other locations.  When this happened, the whole experience changed.  The lines were terrible, the app orders are late or turned off, the place is dirty, and the staff doesn’t seem to care.