How are you actually keeping score?  You have to be able to tell the winners from the losers.  In your business, a scoreboard will help you track if you’re pursuing your priority.  In this training, Bradley says “Show me your scoreboard.”

boeing cockpit

Does Your Scoreboard Track Everything?

Often in business, we tend to make everything a priority.  This turns a simple, useable scoreboard for the whole team into the equivalent of a Boeing 700 cockpit.  Just like having a calendar full of everything and nothing can dilute your priorities, tracking every metric does the same.  For team priorities, you want to have scoreboards that are easy to follow!  You don’t want to overwhelm everyone because they won’t even know what the score is.  A simple, clean scoreboard that tracks important metrics is much more effective for your team.

darts board

But What About My Scoreboards?

As an owner, there are some numbers that I will always track for myself.  I don’t share these with my team, because they are goals that I’m working towards or tracking separately.  In my business, some of these goals include overall growth and revenue.  However, I include my team in many of the decisions and goals made throughout the year.