I personally believe in personal growth, and in making the investment it requires.  This belief has made it possible for me to lead myself first and for me to share what I learn with others.  After all, if I learn just for learning’s sake, it’s selfish.  However, I seek out growth so that I can better serve my team, customers, and clients in more ways.  In this training, I’m sharing how to “send the elevator down” once you get to the top.

growth to contribution

Growth To Contribution

I spend money every month on business coaching, because I believe that every coach should have one.  However, I also believe in sharing what I learn through trainings like this and through my Blueprint program.  No matter what I learn, I am looking for ways it can be distilled down into principles and playbooks for you.

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A Contribution Mindset

You’ve heard of a growth mindset before, but I pursue a contribution mindset.  I am looking for ways to add to my circles of influence.  If I learn something, I’m asking myself, “How can this be shared?”  This helps me to find purpose beyond learning for learning’s sake, and it’s what enabled me to become a business coach for 6 and 7 figure businesses.  I know that if you’re reading this, you’re a leader like me.  So I want to challenge you, how can you move from growth to contribution this week?