I’m sharing some tips for giving effective quarterly performance reviews with your employees. My advice may not be what you think – listen to this quick episode and see what you may be missing.

Are You Reviewing Your Team On a Quarterly Basis?

I recently spoke with one of my clients, and we were discussing the value of Quarterly Performance Reviews. Typically, you want to do these at Week 13 of the current quarter or Week 1 of the following quarter. So, following a few questions he asked, I wanted to share some specifics on how to hold Quarterly Team Performance Reviews…

Three Things To Consider:

  1. Whenever you’re asking your team to do this, you want to send the document to them about 1 week prior.
  2. After you have the discussion, get their self rating in fractions vs. whole numbers. What matters is their rating compared to themselves, and I encourage my team to remember this. I also encourage ratings to not always be near the top. We discredit the value of meeting expectations, which would be a middle number rating. But how great would your business be if your team all met expectations? Give an honest number and specific reasons supporting this.
  3. Give your team what you want them to work on this quarter to meet expectations and even to improve their rating.