We are in the first week of the new year, and most of us have done some level of planning to project what you want to accomplish in 2024. But how are you going to connect that plan to what is actually happening in Month 1? I strongly believe that it requires not just a business with an operating system (learn more about that here), but that we as owners have a personal operating system, aka a PersonalOS.

Business Owners Desire To Move Forward

One of the things that I really love about working with other small business owners and entrepreneurs is the different skill sets that each person brings to the table. With that being said, there is one thing that I believe are universal for all of us as a small business owner and an entrepreneur. That is our desire, our almost our requirement to be constantly moving forward.

So of the 5 Key Principles we build our businesses on here at BlueprintOS, the very first and more important is Lead Yourself First. Just like they tell you on every flight, “Put your oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else