Learn why goals aren’t getting you the results you want, and why you should be setting objectives and key results instead.

two business men running on a track

Goals Are Just Wishes In a Suit and Tie

I love treating business as a game and being competitive. But I don’t love goal-setting.  Goals make me think that where I am at today is bad and where I want to be in the future is good.  It’s a phenomenon called by Dan Sullivan “the gap in the game.” As I got closer to the goal, I’d just move the goalpost further away.

Goal setting can also become wish making. Losing 10 lbs, getting 50 new clients, etc. are great goals.  However, naming a goal doesn’t include making a plan to accomplish anything.

Because of the frustration this causes, I’d like to share why I moved away from goals and what I currently use.

Everyone Trains On Goal-Setting

I’ve invested thousands of dollars in my own personal and professional development. I’ve also heard many frameworks about how to set goals in business.  The fact of the matter is that this is the most widely-accepted method to accomplishing things in most industries.  So with all this training and implementation, you may find it hard to believe that I don’t use goals.