In this training, I’m sharing the Thinking Time question that has recently provided the most transformative answers for my business.

business man waiting for flight in airport

How Do You Spend Your Time?

I recently spoke with a business owner client of mine who is going on a long flight. We spoke about books and podcasts he could have on the flight. But ultimately, he is going to work on business development and thinking time. And I shared my favorite Thinking Time Question with him.

business woman working from home office

My Favorite Thinking Time Question

“What would we need to do, and how would we need to act as a business so that we could hit our 3 year vision and still hit $0 ad spend because our clients would use word of mouth to tell others about us.”

While this may not be a realistic goal, it allows you truly think about how you can step your game up. How can you create such an exceptional experience that your clients would be compelled to tell others about it? I have done this with incredible movies and books, b