Do you feel like momentum is difficult to achieve, track, or maintain in your business?  Keep reading to learn how you can create consistent momentum:

Experiencing Momentum

Have you ever been in the stadium at a big game? Your team is down, and it’s not looking good. Then, at half time, the momentum suddenly shifts. Your team is pulling ahead. They win the game! This happened to me when I went to an Auburn game in 2010 when Cam Newton was the quarterback. They threw a pass to score a long 70-80 yard touchdown. I had never felt momentum like that.

Business Momentum

Guess what?  You can create momentum like that in your business. Sometimes, momentum can feel fleeting. It’s almost like trying to hold water in your hands. Eventually, the water begins to seep out.  Similarly, you only have this sense of progress that is fleeting. Then, we begin to doubt ourselves and question if we can actually do “it.”

As entrepreneurs, I think we were put on the earth to go into the future. We create a new reality, then we come back to the present and demand that it becomes real. Therefore, you want a feeling of momentum.