Learn why thinking time is the most important thing you can do for your business in this quick training!

What Is The Most Important Thing in Business?

As an owner, we’ve discussed protecting your confidence and giving your team your energy.  Now, it’s time to give your business what it needs most: Thinking Time.  Bradley has trained on this before, but it is more difficult to implement than it sounds.

When you’re making decisions based on emotions or a “gut feeling,” we know that you’re not taking the time to think it through.  This is where thinking about your business becomes important.

What Decisions Do You Make At Your Best?

As an owner, it's most likely that you'll make poor decisions when things are going well.  You may overspend and overstaff, thinking that every idea will work out.  Unfortunately, this rarely works out.  Instead, you should spend time every week thinking about your business.  This is similar to the principle of "working on your business, not in your business" from E-Myth.  So how do you practice this?

How To Implement Thinking Time

You'll need a piece of paper and a question.

Take all of the brilliant "new" ideas you've heard that you like, then apply a question to them.  What is the actual constraint in your business?

Now, consider all of those ideas and see if any of them can help address the constraint.  Are any of them possible solutions or strategies?

Then, look deeper.  Most owners blame a surface level "symptom" of a problem rather than the real issue.  It takes the discipline of truly thinking things through to not only solve issues in your business, but to create meaningful growth.

A great tool Bradley referenced in the video training is Dan Sullivan's Impact Filter.  You can find it here.