What is it that keeps problems fixed and lug nuts tight in your business? I don’t want us to go around the track one time and have to tighten the lug nuts. It comes down to expectations, reliability, core values, and culture.

Your Business is a Formula 1 Race Car

This past week, my team had a higher number of mistakes and challenges. Even though people like to talk about their successes online, I want to be honest about what I learned when things weren’t going the way we wanted them to.

I think about my business as a race car, and I am the race car driver. Formula 1 Cars need their lug nuts tightened every so often. The wheels get wobbly when they aren’t tight.  So as a driver, you pull into the pit stop, get it fixed, take off, and get back into the race. The more you pull into the pit stop, the farther and farther behind you are.

Keeping The Lug Nuts Tight

When you are trying to get your business to go farther and faster, it is impossible to accomplish when you are re-tightening those lug nuts every lap.  In order to keep lug nuts tight, I have developed systems, playbooks, and an OS for my business.

However, this past week, with the mistakes made by my team, I had to revisit why these systems weren’t being followed.  Even though everyone says that all you need are systems and processes, it isn’t true. What will actually keep lug nuts tight?