As a business owner, sometimes you give a hard “no.” Here is my process for making those decisions.

three people having a sales conversation

The Sales Pitch

Recently, I spoke with a business owner about the Blueprint coaching program. They weren’t a great fit for the program, but wanted to share more about their offer with me. So I listened to their pitch on a certain type of marketing. As I was listening, I knew for sure that it would be a hard “no.” I was able to confidently share that “no.” The reality is that a sales pitch is meant to bring someone to a decision, no matter what the decision is.

yes no maybe

What Led To My “No”

The reality is that every business decision needs to include time, energy, and money as factors. If it takes more time than you have, or if it is outside of your current budget, then you can easily say no. There may be times where the payoff is worth the investment, but most of the time you can easily see what aligns with your business’s needs, possibilities, and values. This is how you decide when something is a hard no.