Are you shooting for even par, aka just enough, in business? Learn how having a community you can be vulnerable with, whether that’s a small group, networking group, or circle of entrepreneur friends, can make all the difference.

person putting golf ball into hole

What College Golf Taught Me About Myself

I have loved golf most of my adult life.  I even had the opportunity to  play in college at U of Alabama before transferring to Auburn. 

Jonathan, a really good friend of mine who also golfs, had a great conversation around golf and business with me recently. It led me to reflect on a few things.

As much as I wish I could say I tried to max out my potential in college and tournaments, I can’t.  When I was playing, if I could shoot under par and in the 60s, that was good enough. I wanted people to think I would shoot in that range “just to help my team,” but I was truly satisfied if I was just 3 under par or in the house. 

two people in business suits discussing laptop

What Golf Has Taught Me About Business

As I’ve gotten older, I don’t practice as much. I’m now playing against par, so I try to just shoot even par.  If it’s par 71, I try to shoot 71. I don’t practice enough to shoot much lower now that I’m enjoying life as a father, husband, and business owner.

In business, this is similar, I can say I want to achieve something, but deep down I was ok with “good enough.” I didn’t lower the bar, but I wasn’t honest and open with others about what I wanted to accomplish. I had way too much of a front or a mask to appear one way to others, but the reality was that I may be have been struggling. Without that level of vulnerability, I wasn’t able to connect