Desire won’t get you to your goal, but design will. Learn how to leverage both of them in this quick training, Desire vs. Design:

Do You Have Desire?

Dream-boards, goal setting workshops, visualization, pep-talks, speakers, gurus and inspirational quotes seem to be the staple diet of the ambitious person. The underlying message is that humans lack motivation to succeed, or at least need reminding what they are striving for. If these things are valuable, it’s because desire is a key ingredient in success and it must be enhanced and recreated as often as possible.

Have You Failed Before?

Every top entrepreneur will talk about their desire to succeed, but very few failed entrepreneurs get interviewed for magazines. If you did interview the failing business owners (like I have), you would discover they want success just as badly, if not more than the top entrepreneurs. Is desire important when it comes to success? Is it vital that you really want something in order to get it? Is it necessary to visualize success and conjure up an emotional storm? To a degree, desire is important. It’s an easy argument to make that you must know what you want if you’re going to ge