Are you training like you’re trying to get into the D1 Division, or like you’ve made it and have nowhere else to go? Here’s a quick training on how you can continue to set goals for growth that keep you on track for your three year vision.

football goal post

What’s Your Goalpost?

Have you set a three year vision? Do you know what you’re trying to do in 1 month, 1 quarter, 1 year, or 3 years? I’ve seen many owners, including myself, crush their 3 year goal early and reset the goal. But if you start iterating off your 3 year vision, you end up moving the goal post constantly. You never end up being able to say “I was way off – too small or too big.” That is a big lesson and an important one.

d1 division football player

D1 Division Qualified vs. D1 Athlete

My client Jordan played tight end starting as a senior in high school. But he was built like a tight end and played in an IA school. He really wanted to be able to make it to the D1 School. That was his vision. And he did all the right things and got a transfer scholarship to Tulsa. When he got to Tulsa, he’d made it. He didn’t set another goal. He said, “If I looked back on it, if I had said I wanted to be at a D1 school, I want to start and catch touchdowns, it would have changed my approach completely.” I pressed him on that to see what he meant.