Ever opened a set of legos and spread all the pieces out?  It’s a big mess.  This can be similar to having many moving pieces in business.  You have a picture in mind, but you aren’t sure how to build it.  Here’s how to get the step by step for business legos:

legos spread out in a pile

Bricks and Mini Figs

A new store in Huntsville opened up called Bricks and Mini Figs. Basically, it’s a lego store.  I thought it was just one a locally owned store, but I found that it is a franchise of over 70 stores in America.  My kids love legos, and this was a really cool store!

You know how most stores like Target have lego sets?  Some of them have 70-80 pieces, but some of them in this store had over 8000.  But all of them have a photo of what the completed set will look like.  But as soon as you pull it out, you see these bags full of legos.  Once you open them up and spread them out, it becomes a big mess.  Here’s why this reminds me of business…