After you have a blueprint, it’s time to build the plan. What are the things you can have in a plan that actually works? Here are Bradley’s 5 steps to building a plan that actually works for your business.

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REMINDER: Why You Need a Plan to Go With Your Blueprint

Last week, Bradley shared his principle of having a Blueprint for your business.  However, you need to build the plan for your blueprint if you want to see any measurable results.  Here’s a quick refresh on why: the When you want to build a house, you usually go to an architect with all your ideas and discuss what you want. Then the architect will draw up a sketch of the home, and you’ll work with them to modify it until it is the exact vision. This becomes your blueprint.

But if you handed that blueprint as-is to a general contractor, they would not be able to immediately build a home. They need plans for HVAC, water, electricity, and all the elements that go into a home.

This is similar to having a blueprint and a plan in your business.

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Bradley’s Interpretation of The Plan

Building the plan for your business is not a new idea – nearly every entrepreneur, CEO, and coach talks about it.  But many times a plan becomes a hope or ideal instead of something actionable.  Bradley has drawn from bo