In your business, you need a blueprint and plans.  Does this sound unfamiliar?  Keep reading…

Who do you think the first person was that my wife and I called after we decided to renovate the house? It wasn’t a builder or a banker, it was an architect.  We called a well-known architect in our area, Paul Methany, when we wanted to get started.

First, his team took measurements at our house.  Then, my wife shared all her ideas from her Pinterest board and notes.  After getting our input, the architect team mocked up a few options.  We selected one and customized it, and then we called the builder.

Did the builder take the blueprint from our architect and get to work immediately?  No, he created a plan to materialize the blueprint.

architect drawing blueprint plans

I shared this story because it illustrates a key difference between a blueprint and a plan.  You need both to get the result you want!  This is just as true for a building as it is for a business.  It’s possible to sweat and work without a blueprint, a plan, or both.  However, you won’t get what you truly want without planning.