In this quick episode, Bradley shares how to beat the odds in business and find success.

airplane on fire

What If Flights Crashed 96% Of The Time?

If it was a known statistic that flights crash 96% of the time, would you still fly? Probably not.  But did you know that 96% of small businesses never see their 10th birthday? And 90% of businesses don’t even survive their 1st year? These are the odds of business that every entrepreneur tries to beat. However, without the right information and skills, there’s a high probability that you will crash and burn.

person rolling the dice

Can You Beat The Odds?

I believe that business gets harder, not easier as time goes on. Statistically, most businesses don’t survive the first three years of business. Of those that do, few make it past $1M. Let’s think about a different analogy.  My mom was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. She beat it and it came back, just for her to beat it again. She is beating the odds, consistently.  Overcoming problems and challenges in your business may not be life or death, but it certainly has a huge impact on your business’ life. So is it even possible?  My answer is yes.  In the rest of the blog, I’m going to share how.