In this training, I’m sharing my business takeaways from a recent golf trip to Bandon Dunes, including exceeding expectations, knowing your audience, and building the team that can execute your strategy.

woman with chart showing high performance

1. Exceed Expectations

Bandon Dunes is one of the best places to golf due to weather and food. Anyone visiting has extremely high expectations. Even in my golfing group, we talked this up for two years. And believe it or not, it exceeded expectations.

However, if it had simply met expectations, it would’ve been phenomenal.

Bandon Dunes was designed to be an outstanding experience. From location on the Pacific Ocean to the food to the best gear in the pro shop. In the pro shop, they will deliver your purchases to your room and provide essentials or toiletries on request. 

So where in your business can you find ways to exceed expectations? Most businesses just meet expectations, but you can go above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience.