Watch this quick video training, or read the summary of what Bradley reflected on around 350 lbs below.

The Significance of 350 lbs…

What if someone told you that they weighed 700 lbs last year, and that they lost 350 lbs in the space of 360 days?  You’d want to know what they did!  But if someone told you they currently weigh 350 lbs, you might be less interested in how they got there.  

Or, think about this.  What if someone told you they gained 175 lbs last year, and they now weight 350 lbs.  This causes alarm bells.  You’re going to probably encourage that person to look at what they’ve done over the past year so that it doesn’t happen again.

mid size woman on scale smiling with arms raised

Did Your Business Lose 350 lbs…or gain 175?

This illustrates clearly how important the context of your current situation is!  Where you are today matters less than where you have been.  (This is our principle of trajectory > speed.)  It is so much more important to look at where the systems you have in place are taking you than knowing simply where you are right now.

Then, you can assess if those systems will get you where you truly want to go.  I want to encourage you to spend thirty minutes of “thinking time” around these questions:

  • Where have I been? (One year ago)
  • Where am I at? (Today)
  • Where am I going? (One year from today)