I recently went to Disney with my kids, and one of the parks we visited was Typhoon Lagoon. Believe it or not, I learned an important lesson on training your team from them.

It’s A Drill

While we were in a longer line, and I happened to look down into a pool and see the lifeguards. Suddenly, someone landed in the water and started flailing. After a few seconds, the lifeguard blows the whistle, grabs a flotation device, dives in the water, and then I notice she’s smiling and going slowly. Initially, she gets there and helps the person. Then she blows the whistle again. I realized it was a training exercise.

I asked later if this was something they did regularly. They said, “Yes, but we never know when it happens.”


This reminds me of role play with a sales team. Many of you probably do an incredible job with role play. But I began to think about a way to do “real play” with sales teams. This could look like having a “mystery” client or a friend who comes in and acts like a prospect to give your team practice in a real situation. This would give you the best idea of where your team is at with their training. This is just like an NFL team practicing vs. playing in a packed out stadium. Give your team the ability to “play” in a packed out stadium with low stakes.