Your ability as a CEO and the visionary entrepreneur is to find the problems in your business, and then work to create systems. Even when those are fixed, you’re going to encounter more problems along the way, because the business is going to grow and develop. Ultimately, the business is not perfect, and it never will be. But in this blog, Bradley shares his experiences on creating systems that can grow and develop with your business.

You’ll Never Have a Perfect Business

What is the perfect business? I have found that it has no customer issues, no team issues, no turnover, no problems with performance or benefits or compensation, and no issues with the owner’s time. But I have some bad news. The perfect business doesn’t exist. So why would I call this “The Perfect Business?” 

Because in our pursuit of a no issues, no constraints, ever-scaling business, we are going to hit certain levels of growth and find that some of our systems and processes aren’t working.

The Kind of Business You Need

One of our maxims over at BlueprintOS is “Business is hard, and it gets harder.” But as entrepreneurs, if it were easy, we wouldn’t really care. The odds are highly stacked against small businesses succeeding. So what we really need to do is pull our mindset lever and realize the simple truth: There is no perfect business. In fact, the only perfect businesses by our definition would be the ones that have gone out of business. As long as my business is growing, things will be broken. I’m sure you’ve found the same.

What kind of business should you work to develop? One that is adaptable. No matter who is president, what the economy is, how AI develops, etc, you want a business that will survive. The best way I’ve found to create a business that survives is to build systems and process, ie. DESIGN an operating system for your business, that works. I show business owners how to do this every month in my free WebClass. In case you haven’t already, attend an upcoming session to learn more!