Have you ever heard “The Obstacle Is The Way?” Often we face problems head on, but we don’t discover how to truly solve the root of them. The whole point of this training is not finding point a or point B. It is about figuring out what is the obstacle that’s standing in the way of you and your business of achieving that final goal.

What Is Hindering Your Growth?

I recently met with my team and presented some goals for growth. Then, I asked them what they thought was preventing the growth from happening. They all gave great answers that were true. However, I had to sit back and ask, in light of all of these true statements, what is the TRUTH of the solution? All of their answers pointed back to the baseline truth of the obstacle and the solution.

As owners, it is important to surround ourselves with truth tellers. But most importantly we must tell ourselves the truth. So ask yourself…What is current reality of your business? What is good? What is not good? How many customers do you serve? How many team members do you have? What’s your revenue? What was your profit? In 2023, what’s your culture like? What are your marketing systems like? What’s your sales playbook look like? What are the plays that you’re running in your business? You can continue this thread of questions forever.

The Obstacle Is The Way

This is the journey that you can go through to figure out what you truly need to work on. Then, put everything towards that.