If you’re not a golfer, the draw of the Augusta National and The Masters might seem un-relatable. But there’s more to this prestigious event than just golf. Let’s dive into how the principles Bradley observed at can translate into valuable lessons for business.

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Setting Standards

At Augusta, everything is meticulously planned and executed to a standard of excellence. This commitment to quality extends beyond the golf course to every aspect of the event. Similarly, in business, defining and upholding standards is crucial. Whether it’s communication protocols like those employed in Slack or the formatting of internal documents, having clear standards ensures consistency and professionalism.

Consider how your business can establish and enforce standards in its operations. From customer interactions to product quality, consistency breeds trust and reliability.


The Masters is known for exceeding expectations. Every attendee, whether a first-timer or a seasoned patron, is treated to an unforgettable experience. This ethos of over-delivering can be a guiding principle for businesses as well. By providing value that goes above and beyond, you not only satisfy customers but also foster loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Think about ways your business can surprise and delight its customers. It could be a personalized thank-you note, unexpected perks, or exceptional customer service. These small gestures can leave a lasting impression and differentiate your brand in a competitive market.

Continuous Improvement

One of the most admirable traits of Augusta National is its dedication to constant improvement. The organizers never rest on their laurels; they’re always striving to enhance the event year after year. This commitment to evolution is a valuable lesson for businesses looking to stay relevant and competitive.

Embrace an iterative approach to improvement within your organization. Whether it’s refining processes, upgrading t