Back in 2016, I experienced my first 10x Mind Expander. Here’s what I learned, and how you can experience some great results from it.

Dan Sullivan, The Strategic Coach’s 10x Mind Expander

In 2016, I was in Toronto at Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach event.I was accidentally placed in a more advanced event due to a schedule conflict, so they were discussing concepts I understood but never experienced.  While I was in a session, I was sitting next to this athletic guy in sweats. We were paired up to do this exercise called The 10x Mind Expander. 

Mind Expanded, or Mind Blown?

He goes first, and begins to discuss how he made $40M last year and took $5M in personal earnings. His goal was to make $50M, and he laid out his plan to make this happen.

Well, my mouth about hit the ground. I couldn’t believe it. Then, he says, “Okay well now you go.” I couldn’t even bring myself to discuss my numbers. However, from that point forward my life really changed. I’d never actually sat next to someone and had that type of discussion. My mind was forev