Employee turnover can be just as – if not more – expensive than smashing Rolexes.  Watch the quick training above or keep reading to learn how.

rolex watch on ground

Are You Smashing Rolexes?

When I was 25, I invested in my first Rolex.  I look forward to giving this watch to my son one day. Ultimately, the watch I spent $4500 on has grown in value to over $10k.  I’m not sharing this without reason, it relates to turnover in your business.

woman counting money at desk

The Cost of Turnover

If you spend money on recruiting and training on a new hire, it’s likely you could spend up to $15k on them.  But you may realize after 90 days that they are not the right fit, and you let them go. This is equivalent to purchasing a brand new Rolex, taking it outside, and smashing it.