How To Set Quarterly Goals

Wondering how to set inspiring and attainable goals for your business?  In this episode, Bradley is sharing how to set goals for Quarter 3 to increase revenue while engaging your team.  He discusses methods of gaining new customers, increasing the dollars spent by a customer, and retaining your customers for longer.  Bradley recommends picking just one method each quarter to focus on.  When you’re doing quarterlies with your team, you’ll be able to choose the best focus.

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Increase Team Buy-In Through Quarterlies

While setting intentional goals for the quarter is important, your team’s buy-in is even more important.  Bradley shares that including your team in the discussion around goal-setting and methods to achieve those goals allows them to take ownership.  They will be more excited about the goals and work harder to achieve them.  He also recommends choosing goals that aren’t so big that your team gets discouraged after the first couple weeks.  

Ready to start Q3 strong (or kick off new goals any time of the year)?  Listen to this quick, 15 minute episode to learn how!

More Resources for Quarterlies

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