Let’s talk about something super important that often gets overlooked – shifting from being an operator in your business to truly owning it. Trust us, this change can make a world of difference.

Owning Vs. Operating

While Bradley was visiting a small town in Alabama, he needed a charger and headed to one of the local convenience stores. While he was there, the guy behind the counter randomly shared that he hated his job. Turns out, he actually had a 25% stake in the business! That got Bradley thinking – and talking – about the real value in owning a business versus just running it day-to-day.

Here’s the deal: the real money is in owning the business, not just running it. As the owner, you get paid for what you do daily, but your real returns come from what you own. It’s a mindset shift that can change everything.

If you’ve worked for someone else before, it can be tough to shake that employee mindset. You might find yourself stuck in the daily grind, handling tasks that could easily be handed off to someone else. This can seriously hold back your business growth.

Delegation: Your Secret Weapon

Learning to delegate is key. It’s not just about lightening your load; it’s about giving your team the power to take on responsibilities. For example, if you can pass off $25-an-hour tasks, you free up your time for $100-an-hour tasks that really push your business forward.

Back to that convenience store guy – instead of getting bogged down with daily tasks, he could hire someone to handle those and focus on expanding the business, maybe even buying more stores. That’s where the real growth happens.

Your goal should be to move from being the main worker to the architect of your business. This means stepping back from the day-to-day and focusing on planning, strategy, and growth.

How To Make The Shift