Have you been considering hiring an assistant, maybe for executive tasks? It can be easy to delay this hire because it is hard to justify. Often, executive tasks are not direct moneymaking activities. But I want to share my experience hiring my first EA, and what I learned from it. I hope it will help you as you grow your business.

executive assistant and business owner in meeting

They Said I Needed an Executive Assistant

Back in 2015, my business coach focused on executive sales as much as business. Everything that they taught really kind of had been towards sales, which I needed at the time.  But a few months into working with them, they began encouraging me to get an executive assistant. However, every time they mentioned it, I got hung up on why I would need an EA and what an additional assistant would even do.

However, I reluctantly do it.  So I hired a full time person and was paying them a $50,000 salary. And of course, I was getting an idea from my coach of what it was going to be like.  However, I had no idea what they were going to do, and I didn’t have a job description. I just went hired the person.

owner and ea discussing binders