Fresh off a retreat, Bradley shares a perspective shift around setting goals. A fellow group member introduced a perspective that really hit home: thinking about goals in terms of mindset, skillset, and toolset.

A New Take on Mindset

Mindset is often misunderstood as just motivational talk, but it can be thought about in a more practical way. It’s not about shouting affirmations in the mirror every morning; it’s about how you approach and think about your goals. This fresh take on mindset resonated with Bradley, and he decided to make it a part of his own goal-setting strategy.

The golden nugget was this advice: “It’s going to take longer, it’s going to cost more, and it’s going to look different.” This simple yet powerful idea can become a guiding principle for you, shaping how you plan your business goals. By keeping this framework in mind, you can also able to set realistic expectations and stay motivated even when things don’t go exactly as planned.

Planning Business Goals For Success

You can apply this mindset to your business vision, breaking down your goals into three timeframes: three years, one year, and 90 days. By accepting that achieving these goals might take longer, cost more, and look different, you can set a solid and flexible foundation for your business plans. This approach can also help you turn abstract ideas into concrete targets, while also preparing for the inevitable twists and turns.

Looking back on his journey, Bradley realized that many of his goals from 2021 had changed quite a bit by 2024. Some were achieved sooner than expected, but most took longer, cost more, and looked different than he originally thought. Despite these changes, his initial goals acted as crucial guideposts, helping him navigate through variou