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view from a living room window beach house

What Are You Building?

A while ago, I shared a training called “The Beach Analogy.” The basic idea is that if you bought a piece of land at the beach, you would buy it to build something specific. Whether it’s a shack, a house, or a mansion, there’s a vision.  That vision drives all of your plans.  From the materials you purchase to how deep the foundation is, to everything in between, it’s being pulled together in a specific vision.

new york city skyline

The Importance of Perceived Value

Having a vision and purpose for buying land is also true of what you do after you’ve built the structure. For example, back in April at our clients-only Beat The Odds retreat, we rented an AirBnb that was within walking distance of the beach. The properties on the beach were double and triple the cost of this one. And you know that AirBnb values properties based on what the owner believes they are worth. The same is true if you’re looking at renting in Alabama vs. New York City. So if you buy a piece of land, you have an expectation on the value you’ll be getting from it.