How many binders full of business info and strategies do you have on a shelf?  What about notes on your phone?  Ideas are truly everywhere these days, they’ve almost become worthless.  However, what you implement is what makes all the difference.  Bradley is discussing this in his latest training, “Ideas Are Everywhere, Implementation Is Everything.”

Ideas Are Losing Their Value

When you need to figure something out, do you Google it or maybe go to YouTube?  You can find anything online these days.  This is why ideas are starting to lose their value.  The world is at your fingertips, so you don’t need to invest a lot of time or money in them.

However, you also want to work with people who are investing in their own growth.  So if ideas aren’t as worthwhile these days, what is?  Coaching and accountability.  This is the key to implementation.  

female business coach smiling with arms folded

Implementation Is How Ideas Gain Value

You could learn hundreds of secrets from the most brilliant business owner in your industry, but will knowing those things on their own change your business?  Of course not!  How many of you learned a foreign language in high school only to forget it a few years later?  The same is true with business information.  Unless you are using it on a regular basis, it does not become a valuable part of your life or business.

The beauty of implementing information is that you don’t need to try hundreds of thing at once to see results.  Just one or two great strategies can make a huge difference in your business if you’re consistent.  Bradley recommends implementing a strategy exactly as it was taught first, and then after seeing how it works in your business for a few months, begin to tweak it to best serve your goals.

What is one business tip that you’ll begin implementing this week?  It could make all the difference.

Ideas You Can Implement Today