As 2024 is kicking off, I want you to think back to those first few days you were returning work. Were you excited, apprehensive, or motivated? I was recently talking to a fellow business owner who transparently shared, “I’m dreading going back to work.” My very first thought was, “Dang, it sucks that he feels that way, but it doesn’t have to be like this.” If you’ve been dreading work, or even if you’ve felt that way before, I think that what I have been learning and sharing with my clients will be relatable.

When Your Business Gives You The Opposite of Freedom

The truth is that I have felt that way many times before. My expectation was that when I own the business, I get to choose what I want to do. In fact, I started my business because I wanted the freedom and the flexibility of self employment. Unfortunately, being an entrepreneur provided everything except freedom. Whenever I wanted to take a break, it was from a place of frustration. The break didn’t energize me, and I was not looking forward to returning to work. 

Even when I was working without breaks, I was dreading work week after week. This was primarily from a place of frustration over goals that I couldn’t achieve. I fantasized about quitting my job…and I was the boss! 

Realizing You Are The Rainmaker

Eventually, I was tired of feeling that way. The business had grown by default, not design. At that point, I realized that my business needed to be designed, and I was the one who had the opportunity to do so. There was no structure in place to then build the team that I wanted. There was no process and structure in place to develop the team. There wasn’t even structure or process to cultivate  the culture.

And so everywhere I looked, I saw problems.

The majority of the business owners I’ve spoken with have expressed that at some point they felt this way. Does this sound familiar? You may not be happy or fulfilled. Or maybe you’re not satisfied with the progress. It’s important to realize that you’re acting as a rainmaker in your business – right now everything relies on you.