What does it mean to architect your vivid vision?  It sounds great, but it’s a core concept that all business owners need to unpack.  It starts with transitioning away from being the rainmaker in your business.  (I have a free training all about The Rainmaker’s Dilemma available for you.  Check it out!)  Then you can move into being the architect of your business.  This means creating your dream business from the ground up.

So what are you architecting? Your VIVID VISION.  You have to be clear on the vision for your company.  If you aren’t clear, then you won’t know what you’re architecting.  When your vision is vivid, there are some great benefits.


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Vivid Vision Empowers Your Team

When you have clarity in your goals, you can reduce conflict and stress.  John Lawler explains that this kind of vision provides the basis of a self-governing process that can help you prioritize your work.  It will enable you to focus on activities that bring you closer to realizing your vision.  Instead of needing to discuss every activity, you can easily see which things will push you further towards your goals.

Let’s say hypothetically, you want to get to $1M in 3 years.  That’s a huge target.  Few businesses make it there.  So if that’s your vision, you need to architect it.

However, It’s really hard as founders and owners to be able to get the business to $1M by yourself.  It all starts with trajectory.  You have to begin laying those bricks one by one to get where you want to go.

When you have vivid vision, you can bring in team members to help you reach that goal.  Once you set the trajectory, your team members can more easily follow.


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Vivid Vision Determines Your Trajectory

When you’re working on big goals, it’s common to get discouraged.  However, with vivid vision, you can take it one step at a time.  Studies have shown that you can fight procrastination and discouragement when you stay focused on your “north star.”

Something we say a lot here at Business Growth Curator is that trajectory is greater than speed.  As the architect of your business, you not only determine your vivid vision, you also set the trajectory for your work.  The good news is that where you’re going is more important than how quickly you get there.

When you have a vivid vision, you will be spending that time working along the right trajectory.  Ultimately, you’ll save time and money because you will be headed in the same direction the entire time you work towards your goals.


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Vivid Vision Pushes You Into The Role Of Architect

If you’re stuck in the day to day of your business, it’s difficult to step back and create a clear pathway.  When you take time to clarify the goals and trajectory of your business, you begin to step into the role of architect.  As the architect of your vivid vision, you can move your business in the direction it needs to go.

If you’re ready to begin to architect your business, our Blueprint program may be right for you.  Learn more about our signature program for owners here.


Thinking Time

What is your three month vivid vision?


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