Fill in the blank…

“The biggest bottleneck in my business is ____.”

Did you answer, “me?”

If so, then you understand the truth behind the BlueprintOS that I revealed a couple days ago. Do you remember what it was?

Here it is, again, in case you missed it…

The more important thing you can do for your business is lead yourself first.

If the buck stops with you, then you have to be better.

Of all the lessons I’ve learned in business, this is the one that seems to hit the hardest.

And for good reason!

Most of us started our businesses because we wanted MORE!


More income.

More wealth.

More impact. And most especially…



But how’s that working out for you?

If you’re like most of the entrepreneurs we work with, you’re working HARDER now than when your business was small (and you likely have LESS to show for it).

This is why leading your team well falls under Principles #3 in our OS – Alignment.

So how do we remove YOU as the bottleneck in your business?

Here’s a video I made that breaks down how you can lead your team effectively by implementing the principle of Alignment.

Watch it here.

Lead well,

Bradley Hamner


P.S. Just as a reminder, the two big ideas  we have covered so far are…


How to Lead Yourself First


The BlueprintOS Roadmap and clarity.

Tomorrow I’ll reveal the fourth big idea and it’s maybe the most important of all.

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